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Lowfat Mexican Nachos and Spicy Pita Chips

Much of the fat in traditional nachos comes from the corn chips, cheese and sour cream, all of which are normally high in fat. A typical nachos meal would contain 35g of fat. This one, including the homemade corn chips, has only 3.2g great tasting Mexican treat.

Serves 6.


Prepare while pita chips are cooking.

1 medium onion, fine/y chopped

l clove garlic, finelychopped

l cup mushrooms, finelychopped

1/2cup red capsicum, finely chopped

1/2 cup tomato, finelychopped

2 tsp brown vinegar

1/2tsp blackpepper

1/2 tsp chillipowder

1 x 425g can Mexe-beans, drained

1 x 450g can refried beans

1x425g canbakedbeans 6tbsp grated Devondale 7 cheese

6tbsp Gippsland low fat sour cream

Lightly spray a frypan with vegetable oil spray. Cook onion, garlic, mushrooms, capsicum for 2 - 3 minutes.

Add chilli powder, vinegar and tomato. Stir fry for another 2 - 3 minutes.

Pour the Mexe-beans and the baked beans into a large saucepan. Mash with a fork. Add the refried beans and stir until well combined. Add the onion and mushroom mixture to the beans and heat until hot enough to serve.

Pita Chips

Make as directed from recipe on page 34 using 4 pita breads and 4 tsp seasoning to make the 6 servings for the nachos.

Arrange pita chips on each serving plate and spoon nachos over the top.

Sprinkle 1 tbsp of cheese over each plate of nachos and top with 1 tbsp sour cream.