Massage by Shirley

Shirley Alderson - by Appointment

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Muscular System:     

•Increases nutrient supplies to the muscles.     

•Accelerates recovery from fatigue via the removal of lactic acid.     

•Relieves muscle spasm.     

•Retards atrophy due to disease.     

•Repairs damaged muscle tissue.     

Circulatory System:     

•Stimulates venous and arterial blood circulation.     

•Dialates capillaries via direct pressure and flex effects.     

Nervous System:     

•Stimulates or sedates depending on techniques used.     

•Provides paid relief.     

Lymphatic System:     

•Stimulates lymph circulation aiding immune system.     

Integumentary System:     

•Improves secetory functions (sebaceous glands)     

•Improves skin texture due to increased circulation.     

•Aids removal of surface layer of dead cells.     

Skeletal System:     

•Aids joint mobility.     

•Increases integrity of tendons and ligaments.     


•Increases excretion of uring, sodium chloride and phosphorus (due to effects on kidneys).     

•Broad and general influences due to improvement to circulation throughout the body.     

Trauma/Soft Injury:     

•Reduces adhesions and fibrosis which develop in immobilised or injured muscle allowing greater recover of function.     

•Maintains nutrition, flexibility and vitality of muscle tissues so that maximum function is possible after recovery.     

Stress management/Relaxation/Psychological:     

•Assists in relaxation, stress management and therefore psychological well-being.