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Bach Remedies


This person could be the life of the party. He/she immediately has a drink in their hand. Confronts people head on. Possibly smokes. Probably a sad clown who hides their troubles under a cloud of good humour. The pub drunk, who starts out crying but could end up quite aggressive. Those who suffer considerable inner torture which they try to dissemble behind a facade of cheerfulness. Often used as a remedy for alcoholism.


Fear of unknown. Shaky, doesn't know what's wrong. Has security worries. Often happens at night. Apprehension - the feeling that something dreadful is going to happen without knowing why. Unexplainable anxiety, presentiments. Anxiety for no known reason.


Intolerance. Good at looking after the details of life and living. Trying to help people bring out the best in people. Beech people do no take kindly to criticism. Compulsive picture straighteners. Negative Beech is very nit nit-picking. Can see everything that is wrong and nothing that is right. Very hard to live with. Critical and intolerant of others. Arrogant.


Those who lack willpower to refuse the demands of others and become willing slaves. 'I never win' attitude. Puts oneself down, becoming a martyr to a point. Often goes together with Red Chestnut. Weakness of will; those who let themselves be exploited or imposed upon - become subservient; difficulty in saying "no". Human doormat.


People who don't trust their own decisions. Seeks advice from everybody else. Fear of making the wrong decision. Unsure of themselves. A good teenage remedy. (Gemini.) Those who doubt their own judgment and intuition, seek advice of others. Often influenced and misguided.


Unable to cope with things, fear of losing control. Fear that you will lose rationality. One of the ingredients in Rescue Remedy. Uncontrolled - irrational thoughts. Fear of doing something terrible, fear of "going crazy". Uncontrolled bursts of temper. Impulsive suicide.


People who learn slowly, even from repeated experience. Use for people in the process of divorce. Person who is resistant to learn. Good for teenagers who are learning about adulthood. Refusal to learn by experience; continually repeating the same mistakes.


For those who are possessive, selfish and need those they care about close to them. If you go away they feel deprived of your love. You need to give. The overly-possessive, demands respect or attention (selfishness), likes others to conform to their standards. Makes martyr of oneself. Interferes and manipulates.


Day dreamers who lack sufficient interest in the present. Meditation is Clematis. For those who switch off and can't get back in properly. People who smoke marijuana, this drug widens the synapse gap. Nerve fibres have holes and threads. Great for treating people who have stopped or are stopping smoking. Clematis people become accident prone. Can happen after an illness. Another ingredient in Rescue Remedy. Indifferent, inattentive, daydreaming, absent-minded. Mental escapist from reality.


For those who have a feeling of uncleanness. Cleansing for spiritual body. e.g. rape victims. Cleanses what you want to be cleansed, but also what you need to be cleansed. Can be confronting. Always give Rescue Remedy when giving Crab Apple. "The Cleanser Flower". Feels unclean or ashamed of ailments. Self disgust/hatred. House proud.


Basic fear of responsibility or that you may not be able to carry out your responsibilities. Can happen to normally responsible people. A sudden sinking feeling that you can't' do it. Middle of the night remedy, nice people remedy. Temporarily overcome by inadequacy or responsibility, though normally very capable.


For doubt and discouragement. People who cut other people down. Doubt is a great underminer. People who set out to cause problems and harm. Both parties need Gentian. Take the remedy before you are put upon if you know someone who will do this to you. Despondent. Easily discouraged and rejected. Skeptical, pessimistic. Depression, where the cause is known.


For very great hopelessness. Grey hopelessness not black depression as in Mustard. Grey skies, loss of hope. Grey skies sometimes call for a dose of Gorse. Everything goes wrong. Deeper level as in terminal illness. Often the carers of Alzeihmers or geriatric patients. One of the kindest remedies. The candle in the window, the beacon in the storm. Often carers of the terminally ill suffer more than the patients. Desperate, without hope: "Oh, what's the use". Defeatism.


Fear of loneliness. Never stops talking about nothing in particular. Compulsive talkers. Empty boring lives. Crave company. Conversations are one sided. Heather is equivalent to Chamomile (herb). Good for young children. People who are obsessed with their own troubles and experiences. Talkative 'bores' - poor listeners.


For those who suffer from feelings of envy, jealousy, suspicion, revenge, hatred. People that need Holly will often use the words 'I Hate'. This remedy can confront the person. Good remedy for the compromise. The Holly person never thinks that he/she should change. Perhaps give with Rescue Remedy. For those who are jealous, envious, revengeful and suspicious. Those who hate.


For those whose thoughts dwell too much upon memories, events or happiness of the past. Honeysuckle enables you to see the future. Look ahead, look forward. To help with change. Welcoming change (Cancer, Capricorn). For nostalgia and who constantly dwell in the past. Home- sickness.


For those who think they will not have the strength to fulfil their daily tasks. Tired from, sick of. Tiresome. Something going on for longer than it should. 'Monday morning' feeling but once started, task usually fulfilled. Mentally tired. Procrastination.


Impatient and irritable people. More of a physical remedy. Impatients people need to be slowed down for their own health. Irritability. Reacts in an exaggerated manner.


Lack confidence. Take Larch before starting a new job or the like. fear that you might look silly or make a mistake. This remedy often shows you what not to do. Despondency due to lack of self-confidence; expectation of failure, so fails to make the attempt. Feels inferior, yet has the ability.


Fear of known things like dogs or cats. Freezes you, immobilises you. Gentlest of all remedies. Shyness, timidity, bashfulness.


Black depression. Great hormonal treatment. Adrenal, liver, hormones. Deep depression and gloom to which no explanation can be given. Underlying fear of going 'nutty'. Hormonal depression, post natal depression. Great remedy for menopause. Often comes without a cause and goes away without a cause. "Dark cloud" of depression that descends for no known reason which can lift just as suddenly, making one downcast, saddened and low.


For the tiredness suffered by those brave people who fight strongly against adverse conditions without losing hope (self hope). Often older folk. Often have rounded shoulders. Square, conventional. Don't know when to stop. Workaholic. Feed invincible. Usually have a clear conscious. Brave determined types. Struggles on in illness and against adversity despite setbacks. Plodders, never resting.


For complete mental exhaustion. Physical exhaustion that comes with mental exhaustion. Brain tired but feeling it in the physical body. Goes well with Hornbeam. Good for long illness. Unwise to cat when exhausted. Eat later. Good also with Elm and Oak. Good for carers of HIV and cancer patients. People who have to have heavy workloads. Drained of energy - everything an effort. Physically fatigued, stuffed.


Self reproach. People who play this way are seeking praise. Professionally helpless. Calculating and manipulative. Helpless blondes. Feelings of guilt. Blames oneself for the mistakes of others. Feels unworthy.


Practioners fear. Over-concern for well being of others. Indulgence - I can give all my energy away. Patients are more important. Fear of not being admired. Ego-based fears. Won't help themselves. for Excessive care of, and concern for, others, especially those held dear.


Often goes with Cherry Plum. Ingredient in Rescue Remedy. Terror, panic. The fear that makes you run blindly. Do something out of control. Alarmed, panicky, full of trepidation.


For those who practice a too rigid self-discipline and are hard masters too themselves. They are often non reactive and never able to be turned away from their non-reactivity, have a real poker face. Talk a lot about duty and moral obligations. Do not like change. Quote biblical sayings such as 'An eye for and eye'. Comfortable to accept religions restrictions. Very old fashioned. Very black and white. Often suffer from rigid body diseases such as arthritis. Competition sport people and ballet people. Often overwork. Rigid minded, self denying. Ascetic.


People who cannot make up their mind between two things. They do not seek advice from others. Good for rebalancing and centring. (Liberia). Uncertainty, indecision, vacillation. Fluctuating moods.


For all the effects of serious news, or fright following an accident, etc.. For release from trauma, not matter how old it is.


Extreme anguish in those that have reached the limit of their endurance. Adrenal exhaustion. People in this condition will often feel empty. Good for catatonia. Great remedy for boredom. School holidays, etc. Good remedy for a patient who has had some change, before they start to rebuild. Sweet Chestnut may precede Clematis. Over medicated geriatrics. Absolute dejection. Feels one has reached the limits for what one can stand.


For the strain and tension felt by those over enthusiastic people. They love working. An extreme negative Vervain is a workaholic. Vervains are usually the first to work and the last to leave. Have a tendency to become insomniacs. Mostly have good muscle tone. Wrongly called people who live on their nerves. They get satisfaction out of their work. Hornbeam and Vervain are often used. Over-enthusiasm, over effort; straining. Fanatical and highly strung. Incensed and frustrated by injustices.


For strong minded people who are inclined to be dominant and force their will upon others. Takes leadership position. Negative Vine gives orders. Positive Vine knows employees names and birthdays, negative Vine is bad leadership. Dominating / inflexible / ambitious / tyrannical / autocratic. Arrogant pride. Considered to be good leaders.


For the definite people who at times are led away from their own aims and work, by the strong charisma of others. Convinced by other people to do things that they normally would not do or buy or think. Walnut is good for an overwhelming ego. Give to the person it is being done unto. Often people who need Walnut are super sensitive. Take for protection from patients. Somebody who is being mentally or physically abused. Protection remedy against powerful influences, and helps adjustment to any transition or change, e.g. puberty, menopause, divorce, new surroundings. Contrary to CENTAURY the person knows what he wants, but is easily influenced by other people to do something else.


Shy, proud, aloof, arrogant. Scorpio-like solitude, necessary to recharge. Extreme negative Water Violet behaviour is withdrawal, total isolation, opposite of Heather. Needs a hiding place or place of solitude. Good remedy for the child that doesn't fit the mould. Proud, reserved, sedate types, sometimes "superior". Little emotional involvement, but reliable/dependable.


For the persistent worrying thoughts and mental arguments that never have an outcome. Won't turn down. Give Chamomile tea and White Chestnut. Persistent unwanted thoughts. Preoccupation with some worry or episode. Mental arguments. Constant inner dialog.


Dissatisfaction and uncertainty in those who are talented but cannot determine their course in life, like a vocational guidance remedy. Applies peculiarly to young capricorns. Not in any way related to Cerato. This remedy does not seem to work the way you would think. Takes quite a while to become clear. Sometimes it shows the worst direction showing you that this is not the way to go. Good for menopausal ladies. Wild Rose, Chestnut Bud and Wild Oat good combination. Helps determine one's intended path of life.


For resignation and apathy. These people are resigned to whatever is. Aged people and geriatrics are an example who think they can't change things, when they really can. Earth sign: Capricorn, Taurus. People who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness and just seem to accept it, when they could be fighting it. Goes well with Honeysuckle. Remedy more for the elderly. Wild Rose and Larch is a good combination. Also Wild Rose with Mimulus or Aspen. Resignation, apathy. Drifters who accept their lot, making little or no effort for improvement - lacks ambition.


For resentfulness and bitterness, (yellow/grey). Willow person is cynical all the time. Willow works out wonderful ways of revenge. Holly and Will and Rescue Remedy for a child who is going to have a new baby in the house. Resentment and bitterness with "not fair" and "poor me" attitude.


A combination of Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose, Star of Bethlehem. All purpose emergency composite for effects of anguish, examinations, going to the dentist , great for women going in labour. Comforting, calming and reassuring to those distressed by startling experiences.