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Low Fat Crunchy Potato Gratin

This simple dish makes a tasty accompaniment to any meal. Normally a similar full fat potato gratin would cost you around 20g of fat!

Serves 4

500g potatoes, peeled, sliced very thinly

1 small onion, thinly sliced into rings

1/2 cup evaporated skim milk

1/4 cup skim milk

2tbsp Gippsland low fat sour cream

1/4 tsp salt

1/4 tsp pepper

2tbsp breadcrumbs

ltbsp parmesan cheese, grated paprika

Preheat the oven to 200"C. Lightly spray a shallow medium size casserole dish with

vegetable oil spray.

Layer the potatoes and onion rings in the dish until they are all used.

Whisk the sour cream with the '/4 cup skim milk, add the evaporated milk, salt and pepper and mix well.

Pour the milk mixture over the potatoes and then sprinkle the breadcrumbs over them. Lastly, sprinkle the parmesan and then the paprika over the breadcrumbs.

Bake for approximately 60 minutes or until potatoes are cooked through.